Touch Screen Vape Mods Are Here To Stay

51W4SYdu2rLIf you keep up with developments in vaping technology, you’ve probably heard about touchscreen mods. As interesting as they seem, it’s hard to justify the need for such a feature when most users are already struggling with poor battery life. So, are touchscreens really necessary on vaping devices, or are they just gimmicks designed for marketing purposes?

The Need for Change

On most standard box mods, you need to press buttons in different combinations to access the features on the menu. This means you have to keep all the combinations at your fingertips to be able to use your device, which is certainly not as intuitive as it should be. Granted, this tends to become easier as you grow familiar with a particular kit. But things always take a turn for the worse the minute you switch to a different device.

In a nutshell, the menu systems on traditional box mods typically range from clunky at best to completely infuriating. Knowing how to utilize the functions on a particular setup is largely similar to using cheats in video games. Not to mention how difficult things can be for individuals who happen to be visually-impaired.

Don’t Judge by the Cover

If you haven’t used any of these devices as yet, get ready to have your first impressions debunked. Just like phone manufacturers saw the need for intuitive interfaces, their counterparts in the vaping sector have also become aware of the same. Unifying commands under an icon-based touchscreen menu has improved user experience in a number of ways, such as:

-Enhancing access: The most obvious benefit of a touchscreen is the ability to access a lot more information that would otherwise be possible.

-Convenience: Touchscreens allow users to check and adjust their settings at any moment, a task that’s often awkward and time-consuming when you have to rely on buttons.

-Appeal: Who wouldn’t love a splash of color on their device? Touchscreens can be covered in graphics or assorted colors to enhance both form and function on vaping kits. For this reason, most models now come with at least 2 batteries to ensure they stay up and running all day.

-Flexibility: Virtually all devices allow users to turn off screens to prevent unnecessary battery drain when one isn’t adjusting the settings. Plus, the fact that most manufacturers provide upgrades means these kits don’t become outdated as quickly as their predecessors.

What if You’re Happy With Your Vape Mod?

Depending on how long ago you started vaping, there’s a good chance that you still use a vape pen at least once in a while. And while it’s true that upgrading to vape mods could dramatically improve your vaping experience, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the vaping pen you’re already accustomed to. Not only are these devices user-friendly, but most models have also evolved to the point where they can stand up to other more-complicated kits.