Guide To Touch Screen Vape Mods

smoant-charon-touchscreenThe lightweight nature of vape mods is a key characteristic that attracts many vaping enthusiasts. Newer models come with advanced features like touchscreens and powerful 1100 mAh batteries. A battery of a mod can have a range of up to almost three times better. As such, vapers can find units fitted with a 3400 mAh battery. The batteries are detachable, which allows users to carry several charged batteries while on the go, thus easily extend the range of autonomy.

In addition, you can recharge the batteries simultaneously with a single charger (2, 4 or 6 batteries at a time). The rendering is adjustable. With electronic mods, you can change the voltage or power of the mod to get the desired volume of vapor. For more vapor, just increase the voltage of your electronic mod. To enjoy more flavors and autonomy, simply lower the tension a little.

A mechanical mod (without any electronics) can withstand all the mishaps of everyday life. These units are easy to use and come with a 510 connector to screw your atomizers, cartomizers or clearomizers. They also feature a body to insert the battery and a switch (button) with a spring that is used to make contact with the battery. Although they lack the advanced features, these devices are unlikely to fail. This translates to more peace of mind for those who tend to act a little awkward.

In addition to the basic features of a mechanical mod, electronic variants can have an integrated circuit designed to have additional functions. All electronic mods have a screen to navigate functions.

With the units, you will be able to read the resistance of your atomizer, read the voltage of the battery and stay well informed about the remaining battery life. You have the ability to vary the voltage or power sent to the atomizer in addition to turning the device off or on.

As you experiment with different touchscreen vape modes, you will eventually identify the ideal devices that offer more power and a superb vaping experience. The electronic box is an excellent compromise. In the past, this type of equipment was mainly intended for the most experienced vapers, but nowadays manufacturers have adapted to the needs of all users. As a result, you can use an electronic box even if you are not a vaping geek.

In addition to their excellent autonomy, their power is greater than a conventional battery. On the other hand, you will love ergonomic designs that ensure superb handling. These units also offer several modes of operation. You will be able to find the vape configuration that best suits your expectations and preferences. With an electronic mod, you can increase or decrease the flow of vapor to have the ideal rendering.