The Best Touch Screen Mods

smoant_charon_ts_218_touch_screen_box_mod_all_colors_with_oled_scren__2.jpgWhen looking for the best vape mod to purchase, there are numerous factors to consider. The main one, however, is portability. This is because most vapes are usually bulky. After all, there are many features that need to be packed into a small unit that can be carried around by the user. That said, the best mods are usually small in size and highly portable, thanks to the technology used in the mod. To find the best touch screen mods, therefore, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Battery Power

This is the most important factor of consideration. The best mods normally have at least two 18650 batteries that can offer a combined 3,500mAh of battery power or higher. The batteries in the best mods have a high operating current, so the device can operate at just 1W, but can also be pushed to the limit and operate at about 200-250W without overheating. That said, the batteries in the best mods have a high operating temperature. When comparing mods, you need to check the specifications of the battery before you even get to the display. The power of the battery is particularly important in touch screen mods because the screen and touch capability will drain some power.

2. Screen Type & Size

When looking for touch screen mod, it is important you check both the size and type of screen the mod has. The best mods have TFT high-definition capacitive touchscreens. High-end models have OLED capacitive touchscreens. Whatever the case, you need to choose a mod with a high-quality screen that is not less than 2.4 inches in size.

3. On-Screen Controls

The display of the best mods show a number of things, including; battery level, discharge rate as well as the power the device is running at. The touch screen capability allows you to change the mode to allow for slow drain or rapid drain among other types of modes to match your needs at different times. These controls can significantly enhance your vaping experience.

4. Size & Weight

You do not want to carry a mod that’s heavy and bulky in size. You want a lightweight, compact mod with a sleek design. You should feel comfortable carrying the mod in your pocket. The best touchscreen mods have a thickness of around 2.5cm and a weight of around 180 grams. When comparing mods, therefore, be sure to compare all the features, weight and thickness hand in hand with the pricing to find the right mod for your needs.

5. Pricing

You cannot order a mod without checking its price. Obviously, mods that have a full-color capacitive screen will cost more than mods that come with only LED indicators and no display of any kind. Before making a decision, therefore, you need to take your time to compare the prices quoted by different vendors to find the most competitively priced product. Do not forget to look at the features that come with the product before making a decision.

Other key factors to consider when comparing mods include; the material used to make the product as well as the color of the mod. In that regard, the best mods are usually made from zinc alloy and come in a variety of colors, including; red, silver, black and blue among others. The resistance range of the product also needs to be checked because you want a product that can operate at different power ratings. Before making a decision, be sure to visit review sites to gather as much information as you may require making a great decision.